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Before you continue.

Let's go over a few basic guidelines established by the server's administrators.


NSFW content is allowed. Please Tag it!


The Server is located in Germany, so we have to refer to German law: No childporn, not even drawn (this also means no cubporn). No Zoophilia. No racist symbolism.


Please set a Profile-Picture and a Bio. We might delete inactive accounts, when we run out of disk-space and firstly consider that inactive


Please set up a 2FA. It secures your account from theft and is the best option you have.


Do please report accounts that reach your feed and are not conform to this instance rules. as of currently We can only block other Instances, when there was some kind of Interaction with it.


Do enjoy your time here and don't hesitate to ask your Admin @NafiTheBear for anything.


Don't post AI-"Art" unless you actually trained a full network on your own art and nothing else.


Don't use the instance as backup-system. It is currently run by a single person and paid for by a single person. If you want to support me: https://www.patreon.com/NafiTheBear


If you upload art, that is not yours you have to link back to the original artist.


Please use the alt-text feature it is really important that visually impaired people at least know the context.


Please don't Spam and don't just setup an autoposter and leave.

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